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Choosing to parent

Choosing whether or not to raise a child is a big decision. You may choose to parent with a partner or parent alone. If the pregnancy has occurred when you are in relationship, you may choose to involve your partner in a discussion about your options.

Parenting with a partner

It is important to talk to your partner about how you both feel about the changes to your relationship, income and lifestyle that raising a child will bring. It is normal to feel a range of emotions, and to be worried about how you will cope. If you have not made decisions as a couple, or if your relationship is new or not stable, the decision-making journey may be difficult or feel overwhelming.

Parenting alone

Some people may choose to parent alone and others may find themselves parenting alone due to the breakdown of a relationship or differences in how to proceed with an unplanned pregnancy. It is good to seek support from your family and friends and think about the support networks that will be available for you.

Parenting support options

There is support available to help with raising a child, including financial and practical support. If you would like more information about possible financial assistance options visit Having Children | NSW Government

For more information about pregnancy care, call the Pregnancy Choices Helpline on 1800 008 463 to talk to a reproductive and sexual health nurse. Talking to the nurse is confidential and anonymous. You can also contact your GP or the maternity unit of your local hospital to speak to a midwife or a social worker.